Learn from a coach

Sometimes we will feel so motivated to achieve something. So into the idea that we can change our ways and become better or do what we have always been wanting to do. But the truth is more often than not we are bound not to succeed. It is not enough to rely on ourselves no matter how good or excellent we may be.


Various aspects of life have people who have walked through already before us. In order not repeat their mistakes, we have to learn from them. some will even share with you how they started, how they failed, what they did in order to bounce back, and even what to avoid.

Imagine it this way. Say you’re travelling to land you have heard of and all you know is the name of that land and how the place looks like. There are many paths to that land, some dead ends and some only to prolong your length of time to the land. On the other hand, what if you know someone who has been to that land and back several times? Obviously that person would be a gem to have, as he would show you the way, what to avoid, and what to take along – if you’re humble to learn.

My name is Kotey, and for every aspect of my life, I strive to have a coach, not just to avoid making mistakes, but to learn from knowledgeable people in order to be better. Source: koteyscribbles.wordpress.com



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